Undecent Launches New Indie Label

For the past 12 years, music has played an astronomical part of my life (obviously). I have made countless fans that I consider to be family. I have met countless acts that are so incredibly talented that it is not only motivating but also incredibly humbling. I have had the wonderful opportunity to perform in front of hundreds of crowds of people from all different walks of life. Those experiences have taught me a multitude of things. I’ll expand on a couple of them.

  1. You never know whose life you will impact. I have been fortunate enough and have worked hard enough to develop a platform for myself to reach many people. By far, the most gratifying part of doing this music “thing” is connecting with the listeners. There have been multiple occasions where people that I have never met, have told me that my music has gotten them through a tough time in their life. The ironic part about this is that those same people have also gotten me through tough times in my life.
  2. Music is magic. It may sound cliche to some, but it’s true. No matter what genre of music you are part of, the energy created by performing live or sharing your original creation is like no other. It tugs on emotional strings that you never knew you had. It creates magic.

With that said, I am launching my very own Independent Record label, “Lonely Genius Entertainment”. The main goal of “Lonely Genius Ent.” is to offer a platform for independent musicians, like myself, to be heard. We will specialize in recording, mastering, promotion, distribution, and much much more. I am extremely excited to work with artists of all genres that share the same passion for music that I do. We want artist’s to keep complete creative control over their music, and we want to help them share their voice with the entire world and make some money in the process. If you or anyone you know is interested in taking their music to the next level, please let us help. Send an email to lonelygeniusent@gmx.com you can follow “Lonely Genius” on facebook here.

Your support is critical to the movement. You can help fund this project by purchasing a copy of “Humble&Hungry” for the low price of $5.99 when you use promo code “REALRAP” at checkout. Payments are made via paypal and are 100% secure. See below for more information. As always, thank you so much for your continued support. God bless



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